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The Stefan Chess Board - Hardwood Chess Board - Large Regulation Size - 100% Solid Walnut and Maple - Handmade in British Columbia

The Stefan Chess Board - Hardwood Chess Board - Large Regulation Size - 100% Solid Walnut and Maple - Handmade in British Columbia

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The flagship Bollinger House Chess Board.

Ultra-Fine Solid Hardwood Chess Board - Maple against Walnut, Satin Finish - Handmade in British Columbia - Built to meet FIDE Regulations - Pieces not included!

This board was originally designed as a Christmas gift for an avid chess lover who, for years, could not find a high-quality chess board that met his expectations. On the morning of December 25th, 2020 - his expectations were finally exceeded. Prior to delivery, nearby eyes drawn to the board put slack into their possessor's jaws. Beauty can be terrifying.

The board is patiently made from raw hardwood lumber, over several days by 2 hands (a left and a right) at a community workshop in British Columbia. Every piece is unique, and feels incredible in your hands. Each finished board package will include the dates of production from start to finish. Engraved algebraic chess notation (coordinates) is included and highly recommended for the study of chess.


BOARD DIMENSIONS: 22" - 24" wide, ~3/4" thick | (61cm wide, 2cm thick)
NOTE: Final dimensions vary

SQUARE WIDTH OPTIONS: 2 1/4" or 2 1/2" | (57mm or 63mm)
NOTE: 2 1/2" (63mm) squares are "XL" and are larger than the FIDE Regulation limits


100% Hand-Selected Solid Maple and Walnut

Environmentally Friendly, Durable, Satin Finish

Time to Make

All boards are made by hand, and usually take between 2-3 weeks to produce.


All handmade items can be customized!

Please inquire directly prior to placing your order.

Care Instructions

Easy care.

Wipe with a damp cloth as needed. Mild soap is ok.

Keep dry. Keep away from sources of heat and humidity.

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  • Premium Materials and Techniques

    Hand-selected flooring-grade hardwood and finish. Manufactured by hand to work with the wood, not against it. These boards cannot be made any other way

  • FIDE Compliant

    This board complies with FIDE Handbook Section C.02 Article 3 for tournament-quality chess boards. But don't worry, it's much prettier than the others.

  • Customizations Available

    Please reach out to us directly for special requests before placing your order. If you want to make a change, we can usually make it work if you let us know within 24 hours.

    Request Customization 
  • Free Shipping

    We will offer free shipping to North America, and discounted shipping to most countries across the world

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