About Bollinger House

At a young age, I had an epiphany: "I can actually do anything." I realized while listening to the radio that those intricate, beautiful sounds were made by other humans, like me. This realization expanded into every domain of life. So, naturally, I took on more hobbies than my family could handle (lucky for me, they tried). I picked up piano, sailing, computer programming, electronics, writing, cooking, and eventually, woodworking, all before high school. 

Later in life, once the opportunity arose, I became a member of a community shop, and finally I could fully let loose on my desire to build basically everything I could think of. 

I became the "friend with the shop" and gifted my time to many of my friends and family so that I could develop the skills I knew I had while making everyone's lives a little more beautiful.

Now that they're homes are full, it's time for me to turn to the rest of the world, so that everyone can have their own friend with a shop.


Fabio Bollinger